Updating, and Moving Along

Heretic Opera was founded to support the creation of new operatic works, establish a hybrid business model to drive success in the entertainment market, and to be as transparent as possible as we created, experimented, and fine-turned our process.  One of my passions (and the driving concept behind this company) is the idea that artists have a responsibility to share fresh, honest, and innovative stories based on life in the modern world.  I believe that this means that artists should have direct access to the means of creating and producing, as well as financially benefiting from, their own works.  In my experience, young artists are too often taught a form of hyper-specialization that is intended to make them more appealing as a performer for hire, but does not prepare the student with the tools to explore or realize their personal visions.  So I wanted to make my experiences as an arts entrepreneur accessible, in hopes that it would inspire emerging artists to think “well, if she can do that, I bet I could.”  What I didn’t anticipate is how describing your process as you go can be not only difficult, but actually distracting from the task at hand.  I also didn’t realize that there would be long stretches of time where I would be doing work that I considered either too dry or too nebulous to share with anyone.

This year, Heretic Opera is beginning our second recording project and moving forward with a multi-media approach for our first opera, Valentine.  My personal routine is less blog-worthy than that sounds, however – full of research, scheduling, and office work for the foreseeable future.  Still, I hope to be able to find compelling moments to share and shed a little light on the daily life of a start-up opera company.  Or you can always check our Twitter feed.  I’m pretty confident in my ability to write 140-character posts on a semi-regular basis.


~ by Madelaine Coffman on March 29, 2011.

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