Watch the first scene from “Valentine”

Aaannd… it’s been almost a full year since this blog has seen any action.  But some very exciting things have happened in that time. Heretic Opera has:

  • Completed mixing and mastering the full recording of our first original production.  “Valentine” was recorded and edited as a radio play – with character voices, sound effects, and ambient environments for each scene.  
  • Hired a very talented illustrator, Tadd Galusha, to create an animated graphic novel to synchronize with the “Valentine” recording.  It will be released online in four multi-media episodes, the first opera ever written and produced primarily for digital distribution.
  • Commissioned 21 pages of original artwork for the first episode, “Valentine: A Monster in our Midst.”

We’re also getting ready to launch a Kickstarter project to fund the second episode, which features ethereal bats and some very naughty cats.  We have a lot of cool pledge rewards planned, so check back with us soon…

As you can tell, I’m looking forward to the rest of 2013 – a lot of great things happened for Heretic Opera and myself last year, and I can’t wait to build on those successes.  One of the best things about this company is the opportunity to work with such talented, committed, and fearless artists.  I believe this connection shows in our work, and I hope you’ll join us for our most ambitious year yet!


~ by Madelaine Coffman on January 13, 2013.

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